Laaf Residents…


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My friend Ron from sent me these photos today, of some Laaf residents that you don’t often get to see for long enough to take a good photo.  One of them looks very familiar though…


She’s got a twin?!

If you don’t recall seeing these Laaf residents, you can find them waiting for a train!

Six Swans Boats: First Look!


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The 30th fairy tale in the fairy tale forest is due to open next autumn, and construction has been coming along very nicely on the new attraction. The Six Swans will house a small ride, where visitors can board a swan for a trip around the building’s moat. have some great first photos of the boats behind the scenes at Efteling, presumably getting ready for their decoration.

Click here to take a look at the beautiful new boats!

Important Changes at Bosrijk!


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For the last few years, Efteling’s focus has been on getting more international guests to visit the park.  As a result of that there have been a few changes here and there, including advertising more here in the UK and providing more information in different languages in places such as their YouTube channel.

As part of these ongoing tweaks, the apartments of Bosrijk will now be classed as hotel rooms.  Changes to the Poorthuys and Landhuys apartments include room cleaning service every day (you’ll get clean towels and they’ll make your bed I think!) and breakfast included in your room rate.  Another major change which could be classed as a good thing, is that you can now arrive and depart on any day of the week, whereas before, you could only come and go on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  There will also be changes to the seating area, and the dining area will be removed (you’ll have to eat your pizza on the couch!).

“There will be a completely new interior in phases, with the seating area becoming more spacious and more comfortable,”   (from

All of these changes apparently fit the international guests better.  The only thing I personally am not looking forward to is losing the dining area.  They sell small food items at the shop like cereal and pastries, but where will you eat them if you’ve got no table?!  Of course if you’ve got free breakfast you won’t need it for that, but if you choose to eat dinner in your room then you’ve got a problem.

This change apparently effects everything booked after today, so if you’re already booked up, the changes shouldn’t effect you.  Enjoy your table!

A Photo from This Afternoon…


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You may have seen this already if you follow the Facebook page but I had to share it here for everyone else.

This was taken this afternoon by Ronald from which shows the side of the Efteling Theater and one of the Aquanura frogs.


House of the Five Senses Windows


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I recently posted about the new stained glass (effect?) windows at the House of the Five Senses, and how beautiful they are. Well my friend at sent over some more photos so you can see even more detail in the windows (I personally can’t get enough of them!)

With thanks to Ronald at

Efteling’s Beautiful Birthday Present


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Today Efteling turns 67!  As a present, the windows at the House of the Five Senses have been given a makeover, and basically, they look beautiful!  Here’s one photo but please click the link to see the rest!  Thanks to

Click me!

Restaurant Octopus Updates


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If you’re a follower of this page then you may have noticed that I’m quite a fan of Restaurant Octopus.  The theming is great and the food is pretty good too!  Of course, later this year Pandadroom will be replaced with a new show called Fabula, and with that comes some changes to the Octopus eatery at the end of the attraction.

Work has, however, started on that already as you can see from this video of the outside of the restaurant, where a terrace is being built.  You can’t knock extra seating, especially on a nice day!  There is also a a new digital board outside, advertising the sorts of food that you can find inside.  I’m hungry just looking at it!

Videos belong to Parks and Rides TV and eftelingfan

Carnaval Festival Reopens


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Carnaval Festival has been closed for around 3 months for a little refurbishment. There have been several changes made to the ride, and in my opinion it is looking really rather good!

Things have been mentioned in the past by various sources that some of the scenes were a little on the racist side of things. Whether they were or not, some of these scenes have now been altered, although in some cases only slightly! The African, Chinese and Japanese scenes have been changed slightly, and the pirate at the end of the ride has been removed to make way for Jokie and Jet. The Japanese man at the end of the ride is also looking slightly different and there are some general tidy-ups throughout the ride like the frogs at the start, who look a lot fresher. The music has been tweaked too (don’t worry it’s mostly the same stuck-in-your-head-all-day track!).

Here’s the video:

Oh, and remember when the vehicles stopped now and then? Well they still do, but now you get to have a little wiggle in your seat to a fanfare until it starts back up again! It makes stopping so much more exciting! 😁

In addition to the ride changes, the store at the end where you buy your on-ride photos is now called Confetti, and has been given a face-lift which looks much brighter and more in-keeping with the shop next door.

All in all, everything is looking great!