Efteling Merchandise Wishlist #1


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Efteling merchandise has varied in quality over the years, from very good to very tacky! As an Efteling fan, there are quite a few things that I *wish* they would make available, so I’m going to make a few mini posts, kind of like an Efteling ‘wishlist’ of what I’d like to see to buy in the park.

Some of these things have been available before, so it’ll also be a bit of a nostalgia trip.

First up…Room spray! But I don’t necessarily want it back…

I would love for Efteling to make this into a candle, because to be honest, the room spray was a little bit too strong. And by a ‘little’, I mean a lot! One spray of one of those things and you were smelling it for the next week! It’s so strong that I’ve still got a couple of each left, they just seem to last forever!

A candle would be a nice subtle way of having the Fata Morgana and Droomvlucht scents in your home (and maybe some other scents too; gingerbread anyone?). There were once some oils for sale too, which were really nice, and a bit more subtle than the sprays, but I’ve not seen those on recent trips.

Efteling Exhibition at the Anton Pieck Museum


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I’ve never managed a visit to the Anton Pieck Museum in Hattem myself, (it’s on the to-do list) but now would be a perfect time to go, because until the end of February 2021 they have an Efteling exhibition running. It is called ‘Once Upon a Time…’ and it centres around the early years of the park.

There are, as you’d expect, a lot of Pieck’s drawings included in the exhibition, of both concept art for various fairy tales in the park as well as drawings which show the inner workings of some of the stories such as Langnek and The Magic Clock. Alongside these drawings are various props (including a very large frog and a very small pair of gnome trousers) and some merchandise which has been available over the years (including 2019’s Winter Langnek jumper).

Also included are concept drawings for a haunted house, which would later become Spookslot.

Here’s a tour of the exhibition for those of us who can’t attend:

If you want to take a trip to the museum, you must book a ticket first at www.antonpieckmuseum.nl

Second-hand Efteling Finds


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Over the years we’ve found a couple of Efteling things in charity shops in our local area. We found a Pardoes glass once, and another time we found a small Laaf clock.  This was years and years ago though.

Then, within the last 10 days, we’ve gotten our hands on all of these things pictured below…

Good things come in 3s right?!  Pardoes and the small Laaf are from charity shops, and the 3 bigger Laafs came from Facebook Marketplace about 3 minutes from my house. Score!

I’m interested to hear if anyone else has found any Efteling stuff on their travels around second-hand shops/markets etc.



‘The Magic of Efteling’ Vlog


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Whilst spending a lot more time at home, one has to keep up their Efteling consumption! Part of this includes watching vlogs on YouTube. I’ll probably end up sharing a few that I’ve watched because there’s some really good ones, but I really enjoyed this one here by Marshall LeMert.

Take a look!

Summer Food and Drink


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If you’re still planning a trip to Efteling this Summer, you have some treats waiting for you!


An ice cream donut, a waffle with ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream, or a mermaid Cornetto are the options available to cool you down on a hot day.



If you need some ‘real food’, there’s a Summer Special Sandwich (inncluding a vegetarian option), a Tosti Caprese or a Curry Sausage Sandwich. Yum!



Drinks-wise there are options such as the Fanta Float, iced coffee or a raspberry frappé.horeca-specials-frozenfanta-650x370

This definitely makes it worth visiting this summer 😀

Images from efteling.com

Long Queue Routes in Efteling


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To avoid having too many people too close together, Efteling have made the queue lines stretch around the rides, here, there, and all over, including backstage areas. Take a look at these videos below. The Pirana one will really keep you fit!

Videos by eftelingfan.

Happy 68th Birthday Efteling!



Only 2 more years to go and we hit the big 70!

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This is How Potato Swirls are Served to you Now…


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I mean, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, because of the situation. See this short video on how your potato slices on sticks are now served to you, due to social distancing.

Want to Beat Boredom, Efteling-Style?


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You’re probably stuck indoors. I feel your pain. There are some Efteling things here however, that can kill some time for you (and the kids, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a bit of colouring in?!)

The Efteling Kids site has all kinds to do.

And there’s even more here!

Loads of Efteling videos here…

And some attraction history here.

You can learn a lot about Efteling over at Eftepedia…

And join in with our new Facebook group by clicking here!And join in with our new Facebook group by clicking here!

And while you’re doing that you can listen to Efteling Kids Radio (you can listen on your phone via TuneIn Radio App, as the Efteling Radio app doesn’t work over here).

Efteling Tulips


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The Efteling tulips are blooming again, and looking as well as ever! Just a little something to brighten the day during these times.

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