Summer Season Starts at Efteling!


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Longer days, nighttime entertainment and lots of cool treats, it is Summer at Efteling!  The park opens until 8pm every night except from Fridays and Saturdays, when you can stay and play until 11pm!

Oh, and speaking of treats, a delicacy has arrived at Ton van de Ven Plein: Ice Donuts (Ijsdonuts).  It consists of a chunky donut stuffed with ice cream and a topping which you can choose yourself, all for €3.95.  Yum!


Some Magical Telescopes Have Appeared!


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It’s not something you would anticipate, but some magical telescopes have been installed next to the Gondoletta lake.

If you like magical beasties, this is the place to see them!  When you look through the viewer on the telescope, you’ll get to see what you can’t see with the naked eye.  I wonder how long they’ve been flying about up there without us knowing…

Video by Eftelwesley.

Fairy Tale ‘The Bridal Dress of Genoveva’ to Continue Without Coloured Birds


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The Bridal Dress of Genoveva is not a fairy tale that springs to mind straight away when you think of Efteling, as you cannot always see it. That is because this fairy tale lives, in the form of a flock of multi-coloured birds.

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Well, not any more.

As from today, the birds will remain their natural white colour.  The fairy tale is actually one of the original tales told in the park, opening back in 1952, when they decided to spray the pigeons in different colours.  Part of the story includes the tower where the birds live, which is located behind the Snow White building.  This could not always be clearly seen due to ivy, but after the recent renovation of Snow White, the ivy has been removed and it is much easier to see the birds flying in and out of their home.

Efteling have said in a Facebook comment that this change has nothing to do with how the birds were coloured, as that has always been done in a cruelty-free manner, but that they think that the white birds better represent the natural theme of the park.  There have been comments online however, that questioned the dying of the birds for entertainment purposes.

To me, it isn’t necessarily a change for the better, as it was always fun to see the coloured birds, however I’m sure we can all learn to appreciate them in their natural form too!

Don’t know the story?  Here it is:

Prince Arthur would marry the beautiful princess Genoveva. 

Often the couple went out walking and then the prince said: “Look, the yellow of the buttercups and the blue of the cornflowers and ooh … That red of the poppies … All those beautiful colors should be in your wedding dress, dear Genoveva.” An old weaver lived in the land of Prince Arthur. Only she could make the princess’s wedding dress. Unfortunately, the old woman had become blind. “I can not help you prince, my hands can do it”, she said, “But … I can not see the colors anymore.”

The prince returned sadly to the palace and the old woman went to feed her pigeons. She cried with grief. 

A wise owl heard of the story and said to the birds: “You know the colors right? Can not you do something back for the old woman? “The next day the old weaver was mourning at her loom. “Now I knew what green was,” she sighed, and immediately she felt that a little bit of hair pushed a strand of silk between her fingers. “And now the blue of the sky.” Together with all the birds, the woman worked on the carpet and shone with happiness. When the dress was ready, she let the prince come. He too was happy. “My bride will be the most beautiful in the country.” And the birds? They had been so busy with all the colors that their feathers had been colored.


Time to Say Goodbye to The Bob?


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Bobsleigh, The Bob or Bobbaan, whatever you like to call it, if you’re an Efteling fan, you’ve probably taken a ride on this Swiss sleigh ride.  However, after 33 years in the park, there’s talk that The Bob might be leaving us.  

In recent years, the attraction has had lots of downtime due to technical issues, and also has to be closed in the rain to prevent accidents.  Efteling have said that they’re working on the future of the attraction, but that no concrete ideas are in place just yet.

I’m personally not a fan of The Bob, mostly because it is a very bumpy ride!  Made smoother however, I could be converted.  I suppose we will see what happens in the near future!

Winter Efteling Photos


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Although I realise that Spring has finally sprung (hooray!) and the Efteling tulips are almost in full bloom, I remembered that I had some wonderful Winter Efteling photos that I wanted to share.

Marianne sent me some photos back in January of a visit to Efteling on January 8th for her birthday.  Better late than never to share them at least!

This year, Winter Efteling starts on November 12th, so maybe it is time to start planning a Winter trip now?  These photos will surely inspire you…

Click the photos for a better look!

Thanks to Marianne for sending the photos.

Python Reopens!


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The Python has reopened!

If you’re a member of any social media platforms, such as Facebook, you will have probably seen a barrage of posts about the Python renovation.  It was quite a short renovation, but a few days ago, the Python was back on track (literally!) and open to visitors.  This great video by our friends at Vijfzintuigen shows the making of the new Python, and it even has English subtitles so we can all enjoy it at Efteling UK!

Efteling Hits 5 million Visitors Target


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It was revealed at a recent Efteling staff party that in 2017, the park achieved it’s 2020 goal of 5 million visitors, having a massive 5.2 million people walk through the park’s gates. In 2016 there were only 4.8 million visitors; still a lot, but not as impressive as 2017!

Well done Efteling! 🙂

Symbolica Now Requires a Boarding Pass


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Starting, I believe, this weekend, Efteling are testing a new system at their busiest attraction, and that is boarding passes.  You’ll need a boarding pass to ride Symbolica, up until 4pm, then you can queue as normal.  It is promised on one of the flyers they’ve been handing out, that having a pass means you will wait no longer than 15 minutes to ride.  That’s pretty cool considering that the wait for this attraction is horrendously long most of the time.  However, a lot of people on Facebook have commented that this system is too regimented, and means that instead of relaxing in the park, you have to be checking your watch all the time to see when your pass time rolls around.  You can get a pass from machines at Symbolica, or on the Efteling app.

I understand that, but I’m also one of the folks who wouldn’t stand 90 minutes or more to experience this attraction!  Speaking of which, it seems that the single rider line is still functioning without a boarding pass ( I recommend single rider if you don’t mind sitting with a bunch of strangers!).

These passes are just being trialled for now, but they could be proved to be very helpful, as nobody likes wasting precious Efteling time standing in an excessively long line!  The only negative outcome here would be if Efteling decide to do this with other attractions in the park, although no other attraction has a line quite as long as this one at the moment!

We’ll see how it goes!

Statues in Efteling


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Many of us have wandered from ride to ride at Efteling, noticing some elements of decoration on our way, and sometimes not noticing some at all! This lovely video by Eftelwesley shows us Efteling’s wonderful eye for detail in their figures/statues that are scattered through the park.  Many are easy to spot, such as the goose girl; others like the statues on top of the carousels are not so obvious.

There might be some here that you’ve never seen before!