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You may have noticed if you visit the site regularly, that I love a bit of Laaf.

Laaf news is thin on the ground, as nothing new is really added to the village and in general, this part of the park has remained the same for many many years (there’s no Winter Olympics here during Winter Efteling anymore). So although not the most exciting addition to the village, but a nice refresh nonetheless, Lal’s Brouwhuys is receiving a new tunnel entrance. If you can think back to your last visit to the Laaf brewery, you may remember an enclosed tunnel that leads you inside.

The current tunnel

According to Efteling, this tunnel has, with age, succumbed to birds plucking at the reeds on the roof, and the rain has caused the walls to become damp and therefore start to crumble. Of course, Efteling are very good at looking after what they have, and on this occasion have decided to replace the tunnel, which will now be almost completely open, and will also be given a new wooden roof. This will allow a new view on one side of the tunnel, of the sleeping Laaf outside and the waterwheel. Here’s a photo of the current state of the tunnel, where you can see how it is going to look once it is completely finished:

Photo from the Efteling blog

Any work on the Laaf village gets 2 big thumbs up from me!