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Kogeloog, a catering outlet that stands opposite Langnek in the Fairy Tale Forest, is finally reopening after 17 years of being closed.  Ice cream and a variety of drinks will be on the menu from the end of April through September, and there will be new seating available, as well as the benches that already face Langnek.

The tale which Langnek comes from is The Six Servants, which are illustrated on the walls (by Anton Pieck) alongside the serving hatch.  This catering spot originally opened in 1967, and whilst Kogeloog is the name on the top, (Kogeloog means Bullet Eye, hence the bust above it) the name above the hatch is ‘De Zes Dienaren’ (The Six Servants).  The bust on top of the building refers to the servant in the story who is ‘a man who wears a blindfold in front of his eyes because his glance is so powerful that it makes everything he sees split to pieces.’ Back in the 1950s there was a similar bust standing next to Langnek, which was removed a few years later, possibly because it didn’t make so much sense as

Kogeloog 1954, photo from Eftepedia.nl

regards the story!

The message in front of this statue read (not exact translation!):

‘This servant who used to make 
an army sniff with just one look 
is now, after all his glorious days, not 
even able to chase away a wasp’.

This indicates that he doesn’t have his special power anymore, in contrast to Langnek, but doesn’t explain why…This might be a reason that it was removed, especially since the new bust has a blindfold over his eyes, to stop him from causing any damage!

Take a look below at the other servants, as visible on the wall at Kogeloog…