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I’ve just been a little slow to update.  So, in case you’ve missed any Efteling news, here’s what’s been going on!

First off, Winter Efteling has already begun, which means that the Ice Palace is now open for another season.  It looks as beautiful as ever, and here’s a video from Eftelwesley if you need a little reminder of how wonderful it is!

There are a few new additions to Winter Efteling in terms of snacks this year.


The first being glittery cotton candy (I’m not sure about this one!), hot waffles which are available with hot apple compote, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream and ice cream (yum!) and luxury syrup waffles which you can customise yourself with chocolate and toppings.



It doesn’t stop at the food either; also available is coffee and hot chocolate with a choice of toppings: syrup waffle pieces, a gingerbread man, or marshmallows.  All of these sit on a blanket of whipped cream!

Oh, and on the subject of food and drink, this year’s Efteling mug features Rider Thomas from Raveleijn.

Another addition to Winter Efteling this year is a ferris wheel which can be found opposite Bob in the Steenbokplein.  Last year in this location there was a rodeo moose, so this seems like a much better choice for Efteling!  It looks lovely, and it’s 6 gondolas provide a ride capacity of 24 people per ride.  It will leave on January 31st, so if you want a ride, you have a deadline!


Moving away from the park, and the Efteling hotel is receiving a new themed room.  It takes the place of the Northern Lights room on the 8th floor.  The room will be themed around Raveleijn, and the children’s part of the room will be accessible via a secret passageway.


I’m still holding out for a Droomvlucht themed room!  Although this one looks rather interesting.

Back to the park, and work has started on the next fairy tale in the forest, The Six Swans!  Unfortunately last night some employees reported a gas leak, and it turns out that during construction, a gas pipe has been disrupted.  Oops!  On the plus side, by next Autumn we will have a brand new fairy tale to enjoy 🙂

That covers most of what has been happening over the last month.  If anyone wants to send any photos to me please send them to our Facebook page: Efteling Fans UK, there’s lots more going on over there!