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Happy New Year everyone!

A new year seems to mean fresh Efteling news, so here’s a little look at what’s going on at the moment…

First off, the Python is being ‘renewed’.  It seems that the track, which has been standing since 1981, is receiving most of the maintenance, as in previous years the ride cars themselves have been replaced several times.  So for a while, that corner of the park will look a little naked, at least until March when it is due to reopen.

Elsewhere in the park, there’s the good/bad news that PandaDroom will remain open for at least the next 3 years, as a new contract has been signed with the World Wildlife Fund.  As visitors are aware, the technology used in the show is now rather outdated, with this 3D show opening in 2002 and not really changing since that time (hence the ‘good/bad news’).  It would be nice to see a new show here along the same theme, just more 2018 and less 2002!

And most importantly, Efteling is expanding!  Between Vogel Rok and Python, 8 hectares of land will be added, and a new attraction is expected to open here by 2020.  If you take a look at Google maps, it seems to be where the road ‘Horst’ is now, this is the road that Efteling Hotel guests need to cross to get to the park.


So, soon there’ll be more Efteling to love!  Well, in a couple of years, but until then we have more PandaDroom to enjoy! 😉

Lastly, thank you to my friend Eftelwesley for continuing to produce beautiful Efteling videos that we can all enjoy.  Especially this one below which is stunning!  Thank you for braving the snow!