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A little while ago we talked about how Efteling are wanting to expand their park Eastwards, on the side of the Efteling Hotel.  This would mean doing away with the road that runs between the park and the Hotel, which residents of the area are not happy about.  With that road gone, it would mean a much longer path around the outside would have to be taken.

Through Road

Through Road

Efteling, however, have had interest from Russia and the Middle East who want to invest in the theme park.  This is why Efteling are stressing the importance of their expansion plans to the residents of Loon op Zand; if they can’t expand, they will eventually struggle to turn down offers from outside investors.  Ideally the park is planning to welcome 5 million visitors in 2020, and are targeting neighbouring countries Germany and France to gather this number of guests.  Efteling have also mentioned building another hotel alongside their existing hotel and holiday village Bosrijk, to allow all these extra visitors to stay at the park for longer.  In addition, they have acquired the Rabobank building across the street which is believed to be planned to be used as offices.

Efteling are still in talks with the local community to try to come to an arrangement that everyone is happy with.