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We had the Seven Square Fest last year, and this year we have the Nine variant!  Apparently because it falls over 9 Saturdays.  Here’s the trailer:

You can expect similar/the same acts as last year, but they’re all great!  Many of the music acts won’t be familiar to many of us folks in the UK, however, does anyone remember the Vengaboys?  Well, they’ll be there on August 2nd.  Just for all our loyal readers, here’s one of their songs…I know, we’re too kind, right?

So, the Nine Squares Fest runs from July 1st all the way through to August 31st.  Remember though, the park only stays open until midnight on Saturdays during this time, and closes at 8pm every other day.  Therefore, if you’re visiting during the Summer and wish to see Aquanura in the dark, a Saturday is the only day to do it.

In our experience, Saturdays can get pretty jam-packed, and with all that entertainment going on, it’s little wonder.  From 18:30 every Saturday there are 8 ‘sections’ of the park that have their own entertainment going on, plus the DJ on the Brink (near Polle’s Keuken) who will start churning out the tunes from 22:45.  That’s a lot going on in one night.  With so many people around, it can be hard to get a decent view of some of the acts, and anyone who has ever stood in line for a camel ride on a Saturday evening will understand what we’re getting it!

We can’t help but think that these events would be best spread out over a Saturday and Sunday, to balance out the crowds a bit.

On the bright side, the Fairy Tale Forest seems to get a lot quieter at these times.  So if you like to walk around the forest without dealing with the crowds, Saturday evenings can be a perfect time to do so!

Click here for the program for Nine Squares Fest.