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A White Horse, of course!

A White Horse, of course!

We have recently learned from Eftelist that the White Horse restaurant is getting a renovation.  Quite a few years ago it had a clean-up, and it looks a lot better than it did, but it is lacking something Efteling-y when you take a look at other similar restaurants such as the Octopus and Station de Ooste.

There are two main issues that we have with the White Horse (Het Witte Paard).  Firstly, it can get a little draughty; it doesn’t feel cosy, as they always seem to have the doors open on each side of the building.  Secondly, the toilets.  They are tiny, and every time we have visited, they haven’t smelled too great either!  Otherwise it is a nice enough place, lots of food variety and lots of tables.

Some better theming would be nice in the restaurant, and we know that Efteling can do theming really well, just look at Polle’s Keuken!  At the moment, there are chairs that don’t match, and of course, a White Horse shoved in the middle of the floor.  Just in case you forgot that you were in the White Horse, maybe.

Hey, those chairs don't match!

Hey, those chairs don’t match!

The renovation is due to take place in February, and we look forward to seeing what they do with the place!