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We were contacted yesterday by somebody who is trying to find out about some of the architecture in Efteling.  We did some rummaging around and found a few things, but of course a lot are in Dutch!  We would love to hear from you if you have any information about this, or could spare 5 minutes to have a look.  Here’s the original message:

Hello all at Efteling UK

I am currently undertaking a dissertation project which is, in part, looking at Architecture in Efteling. I was wondering if anyone knows where one might find more information on:

-The design of Villa Volta, its architectural style and sources on the legend behind it
-The design of the House of the 5 Senses
-The design of De Vliegende Hollander.

Cited sources/academic sources naturally favoured over non-academic ones, but any information is good really!



If anyone could be of any help with this, it will be appreciated!