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A while ago, (ok, last Christmas) we got ourselves an Efteling poster, made from our own photos!  All you need to do is upload the photos you want in the poster to an instagram account, and then choose the ones you want to use.  The size of the poster depends on how many photos you choose, but in our opinion, the bigger the better!  Click here to go over to Firebox.com and check it out.  You can also create coasters and other cool things.

Our Poster

Our Poster

Excuse the reflections on our poster, but trust us, in real life it looks wonderful!  Of course, instagram is famous for its filters, but if you don’t want to use a filter, you can upload the photo without.

For the best quality, we advise that you use high quality photos to avoid pixilation.

If we can’t get Efteling posters from Efteling, we shall create our own!