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After a short absence, we return with an update on the Emperor’s New Clothes.  Efteling Fansite posted this photo on their Facebook page recently:

He looks like a very tired little man, but very Eftelingy!  The construction is coming along nicely, as you can see in this photo, taken by Milena:

The paving is also being laid towards the building, and lampposts have started to pop up in the area.  So with everything coming together, and the figures being installed, a publicity photo has shown up on the Efteling website.  It is actually an advertisement for Winter Efteling, using the Emperor’s New Clothes as the main focus.  It is rather amusing! 

Yes, of course he is rather naked, however, one of the reasons we all love Efteling is for the sense of reality that it sprinkles into its fantasy world.  Although, we couldn’t figure out why Longneck is lurking in the background…he probably got an eyeful!

Photo #1: Efteling Fansite, photo #2: Milena Kirk, photo #3: Efteling.com