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The Dream Flight queue is long, and although you may not have to wait too long to board the ride nowadays, things were different in the few years after it opened.  To save you from murdering one of your fellow theme park goers during the long wait, Efteling used to provide some ‘in-queue’ entertainment, in the form of a singer.  Our own video of her unfortunately cut off after a short time, but we found a full one on YouTube:


She was pretty good, and definitely took your mind off the hellishly long line you were waiting in.  The song she is singing is called ‘Dromen met je ogen open’, that is ‘Dreaming with your eyes wide open’ to the English speakers.  It was available along with other songs on a CD that was sold at Efteling for a period of time.
The stage is gone now, probably never to return, but it probably saved a few folks’ sanity!