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You may remember a while ago that I was ranting about how Efteling only shipped from their web store to Holland and Belgium.  However now they appear to ship throughout Europe, hooray!  So postage is seen on the table below.  If you are outside Belgium and the Netherlands, the cost is at the bottom there:

 Mailpiece Netherlands (fits through the letterbox) € 1.99 Post GB
 Package Netherlands (does not fit through the letterbox) € 4.99 Post GB
 Kiala Netherlands € 3.99 Kiala
 Cash mailpiece Netherlands € 1.99 + € 10.00 UPS
 COD parcels Netherlands € 4.99 + € 10.00 UPS
 Package Belgium € 6.99 UPS
 Kiala Belgium € 5.99 Kiala
 COD parcels Belgium € 6.99 + € 10.00 UPS
 Package Europe € 12.99 UPS

Ok, so it isn’t the cheapest, but it isn’t too bad either; and it gives you an excuse to buy lots to get your money’s worth 😉

Also, the store has had a facelift, as mentioned in the title of the post.  It has a much more ‘Efteling’ feel to it, and is cleaner and brighter looking.  Oh and also, you can choose from different languages at the top!

Ok folks, get buying!