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‘Deeply hidden in the caves of PandaDroom, you will find the enchanting underwater world of restaurant Octopus! Here you find fresh gourmet sandwiches, delicious panini and fresh pasta that you create. You will find the Octopus on Pardoes Promenade in Anderrijk.’

Restaurant Octopus is a wonderful serve-yourself style restaurant that you will encounter on your way into Efteling, on Pardoes Promenade.  It is actually located at the exit of PandaDroom, so you have to walk through the restaurant/shop to leave the attraction.  The theme gives you the impression that you are underwater, with jellyfish hung from the ceiling which double up as lights, the underside of ducks, rocks as walls, and of course, a large octopus.  The whole restaurant is, naturally, painted blue to give the impression of a deep blue sea, and they have quite a wide range of food.  They also have seating outdoors, but all of the cool atmosphere is inside!

The food consists mainly of pasta, panini and sandwiches, and of course, lots of desserts are also available.  Click here for the menu.


The restaurant has undergone a few changes since its opening.  A few years after it opened, the entrance was revamped, with the restaurant receiving a wooden sign with its name on, rather than the mosaic which was originally in place.  Although I liked the original entrance to Octopus, the new one gives a better indication of what it is.

Another addition was the large octopus statue in the centre of the restaurant, which had been lacking, especially considering the name on the door!

Should you visit restaurant Octopus?  Definitely!  For the theming alone it is worth a visit, but in my opinion it is also one of the better places to eat in the park.


Many thanks to Milena Kirk at http://aegtte.weebly.com/ for the menu and for allowing us to use a couple of her photos.

Forth photo from vijfzintuigen.nl