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2012 is finally here, and of course, this is the year that Efteling celebrates its 60th birthday.  There are going to be quite a few changes at the park throughout the year, starting in February with the return of Jokie, the original mascot of Carnaval Festival.  He is replacing Loeki the Lion, who has been in the attraction for several years now.

In March, a new pancake restaurant called Polle’s Keuken will open in a beautiful building just off from Pardoes Promenade.  I encourage you to head over to Eftelist and check out their many photos of the building, it’s looking good!

In April, Efteling will attempt to break the world record for the largest school outing, so if you are planning a visit then, please ensure that you check out the date that this event is taking place on before you book!

In May, the long-awaited opening of Aquanura will take place on the 31st, as well as a documentary about the park’s 60 years airing, though of course it will be on Dutch TV, so I guess that all the fans in the UK will have to wait for some sort of internet upload to view it!

August will apparently see Efteling’s first parade.  I’m not sure why they didn’t think of this sooner!

In November, the new addition to the Fairy Tale Forest will be The Emperor’s New Clothes.

So, there are quite a lot of goings on at Efteling, as always, and I’m sure that many more changes will take place throughout the year, so we shall keep our eye out for any news as it becomes available!

Thanks to CorineC of TowersTimes.co.uk for some of the above information.

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