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For anyone who needs to organise a large business meeting, a celebration, or anything else, Efteling is the place to come!  Efteling has many venues where these events can take place:

The Efteling Hotel,


Efteling Golfpark,

Theater de Efteling,

…and of course, the Efteling Park itself!

Each of these unique locations vary in size, and can hold from 20 people to a few thousand people!  Many companies have held events here, including MCC and HTC, Holland Casino, TUI and Nissan.  Probably the most interesting and exciting of the venues are the Fata Morgana Palace, and the Droomvlucht Palace.

Image courtesy of vijfzintuigen.nl

The Dream Flight Palace has two fairytale-feel function rooms, and are decorated with oversized pale pink flowers and green and cream walls, similar to the attraction’s unloading area.

Image courtesy of vijfzintuigen.nl

The Fata Morgana Palace consists of a large room with a starry sky (roof) and a large stage, all in-keeping with the theme of the attraction.  This function room seems to be one of the most popular ones for business events, and the Nissan Note was introduced here to 200 people.

One of the highlights (and possibly why this place seems more popular) is that you can have camels to carry you to your event!  That’s right, maybe if you were having a birthday they could carry the birthday boy/girl to the event, or maybe the head of a company.  I thought you might enjoy this photo of some rather happy looking camels:So, if you have an important event to organise, Efteling is the place to hold it!

Thank you to our friends at Vijf Zintuigen for the help with this post.

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Nissan image and camels image are © Efteling.