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Linking the attraction customization to a broader Travel Empire plan, the changes can be explained as a thematic choice to bring more unity to the area’

For a while, there has been some controversy about Monsieur Cannibale, notably from foreign visitors to the park (don’t look at me!). And although not confirmed by Efteling as yet, it is rumored that Monsieur Cannibale will be receiving a re-theme, and that the maze next to it will also be reinvented. These 2 attractions and this general area will be given a theme more in-keeping with Vogel Rok, which is based on Sinbad the Sailor.

Quite recently, Max and Moritz opened on the site of Bob, and all around that area has seen significant heavy theming to give the feel of a German village. It seems that Efteling are wanting to go one step further with the immersion inside the park, and have areas that are based solely on one theme, linking them together. Last month a new play area called Nest was opened, and within that playpark you can see elements which link The Flying Dutchman (lions head on the front of a ship), Baron 1898 (an area with mine carts), George and the Dragon (a dragon slide) and probably more! Take a look at the video and also note the music you can hear playing in the area:

In the case of this ‘new’ area, Carnaval Festival will seem rather out of place, but the rest of the area will have a definite feel of the stories of 1001 Nights. The maze has been deteriorating for years, and Monsieur Cannibale seems to be receiving more and more negative attention, so maybe Efteling have decided that this is the perfect chance for an overhaul?