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We’ve been quiet for almost a month now, did you miss us?!

Of course, there have been a few pieces of news trickling out of Efteling in this time, including more recently, an overhaul of the Indian Water Lilies.  It was in need of a dust, as you can imagine, and there was also a new ‘witch‘ added.  There is a new narration which is actually an old narration from several years ago, which fans are very happy to hear!  You may also notice a clearer sound, and a difference in the soundtrack at the very end. Oh, and those geese, have definitely been through the wash!

In other news, somebody burned the fries at a cart behind the Efteling Theater.  When we say ‘burned’, they caught fire, along with the whole cart by the look of things.  Oops!

Pinokkio continues to progress, however there is no exact date for it’s opening yet.

Finally, we now know when Efteling’s new nature park will welcome it’s first guests.  In early 2017, construction should finish on the site which is located next to Efteling and Efteling Golf Park, which will cost a mere €30m to build.  This is one phase in Efteling’s plan to become a more international destination by 2020, when they hope to welcome 5 million visitors per year.

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Important Notice


We have recently been contacted by Efteling, and as such, would like to share this reminder.

As you may gather, this is a fan-based site with the simple intention of spreading the word about Efteling, particularly to the people who may have never heard about it here in the UK, where advertising of the park is little to none.  I do not make a single penny from this site, in fact, the site is paid for out of of my own pocket, simply for the love of the park.

The official Efteling site can be found >>>here<<<, and you will find links to it throughout our sites including on videos and photos.  This statement also stands for our social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, which also make clear of the use of images and videos belonging to Efteling where they appear, and links can also be found on these pages to the official Efteling >>>site<<<.

Hartenhof Resurfaces as ‘Symbolica’


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SymbolicaCast your minds back to 2010, when you most likely first heard of ‘Hartenhof’.  Hartenhof was to be Efteling’s new attraction back in 2012 for the 60th anniversary of the park.  The ride was to be based on the world of Pardoes, who used to be the park’s mascot, and would have been themed similarly to Polle’s Keuken (which thankfully Efteling decided to build!).

When construction never began, it became clear that the attraction wouldn’t be opening in time for the Jubilee year, and eventually the ride got delayed until 2013.  Still, nothing appeared to take shape, until now!

Now, the new ride has had a name change to ‘Symbolica’; apparently this is more ‘international visitor-friendly’.  The most interesting feature of Symbolica is that it is reported to be trackless.  Symbolica2The ride system will be supplied by ETF Ride Systems, who are responsible for Disney’s Toy Story Midway Mania attraction, as well as rides in Phantasialand and Walibi Belgium, and they also designed the system on which Efteling’s The Emperor’s New Clothes’ operates.  For those of you who have been to Disneyland Paris recently, you may have experienced Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy, which also uses trackless technology.  We recently visited the attraction, and as our first trackless experience, it was a very smooth ride, and very futuristic in a strange way!

A trackless ride system would certainly put Efteling’s Symbolica up there with the other trackless attractions around the world, and with the ride costing tens of millions of Euros (more than any other Efteling attraction), we can surely expect something absolutely amazing when the attraction arrives by 2020.

Pagode and Indian Waterlilies Take a Break


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The intentional break:

Dancing every day can really take its toll on you, so you can imagine how the little ladies in the Indian Waterlilies feel after dancing for months upon months at a time.  For this reason, (and maybe also because the whole place could do with a really good dust and a scrub) the attraction is closed until the beginning of November.


The unintentional break:

Speaking of closures, the flying Pagode is down again, literally.  Since last month, the Chinese Pagode has been grounded after experiencing technical difficulties, which it is no stranger to; the attraction was closed only a few months ago for the same reason.  According to Efteling’s website, it is unknown when it will fly again :(

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Pinokkio Construction is Underway!


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A sign outside the area of construction reads:

‘You’ll never see me here!’  Don’t lie Pinocchio, we will welcome you in Spring 2016.

The ‘In de Noordpool’ food counter is now gone, and the little admiral and his cannon are gone too, ready to be moved to a new location (or so we believe) while the area is completely cleared, ready for Pinokkio.

Concept art of the new attraction has also been released, and as expected, it looks fantastic!  It fits in perfectly with all of the other buildings in the fairy tale forest; as we know, Efteling are the masters at making these buildings look as if they’ve been there for many years, and this one continues that trend.  Another thing it has in common with many of the other fairy tale buildings is that it looks to be quite petit!  Obviously it is hard to be certain on that from the artwork, but it looks a little larger than Repelsteeltje’s house and maybe a bit smaller than the Roodkapje building.

La Bottega di Geppetto

La Bottega di Geppetto

Here is a video from eftel1ngfan which shows the current state of construction in the area:

Finally, for those of you feeling artistic, Efteling have provided some crafts to do while you wait for the new fairy tale!  Including cupcakes, and a make-your-own Pinocchio puppet; click here!

Carnaval Festival Gets a Wash


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From time to time, things need a little Spring (or Autumn) clean!  Of course, many of Efteling’s attractions are located outdoors, and therefore are vulnerable to all kinds of crazy weather.  In Carnaval Festival’s case, it’s just the sign that has been beaten down by the elements!  Jokie needed a good scrub, and tomorrow (26/9) the attraction will reopen after having a little clean-up, inside and out.  The sign is looking a little brighter, as you can see…

Photo from Liesbeth106 on Twitter

Photo from Liesbeth106 on Twitter


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Efteling Designer Ton van de Ven Passes Away at age 71


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Ton-van-der-Ven-WerktafelLXWe are saddened to learn today that the former Efteling designer Ton van de Ven has passed away suddenly at 71 years old following a stroke.

He was responsible for the design of many attractions in Efteling, including Spookslot (his first), Droomvlucht, Fata Morgana, Villa Volta, Vogel Rok, and many fairy tales in the Sprookjesbos.

He worked with Anton Pieck during his early years at the park, translating Pieck’s drawings into the attractions that we see today.  In 1989 he became the creative director of Efteling.  Although taking early retirement from Efteling in 2003, he would sometimes make appearances at the park during special events. Ton van de Ven PleinThe corner of the park where you can find Droomvlucht and Villa Volta was named ‘Ton van de Ven Plein’ in later years, just as there is an ‘Anton Pieck Plein’ in another part of the park; a very high honour.

The world has lost an inspirational designer, who will be remembered for his unique creative talent which will continue to be enjoyed by all who visit Efteling.




At Night in Efteling…


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During the night, the fairy tales continue!  There are a few night-vision videos of Efteling residents running around in the accommodation grounds whilst all the guests are fast asleep.  Not a shock, of course, to see the Sandman awake and busy at night, but apparently the rest of Efteling’s inhabitants don’t need much sleep either.  Here’s a couple below; you can find more on Efteling’s YouTube channel.

Pinokkio Fairy Tale Coming in Spring 2016


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As if anyone needed another reason to go to Efteling, but here’s one regardless.  We’ve mentioned this recently, however now there is more indication of when the new Efteling resident will arrive.  Efteling are opening their 29th Fairy Tale in the Fairy Tale Forest in Spring 2016.  Around €2,000,000 has been allocated for this attraction, and it is the newest since The Emperor’s New Clothes opened in November 2012.

It seemed like a strange choice in one way, because we seem to expect something from the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen in Efteling; in fact, the CEO of Efteling has mentioned that he would like to see an Ugly Duckling fairy tale in the forest.  However, we have faith that Efteling will make a beautiful job of this fairy tale, as they do with everything else!  The only worrying thing is this:Pinokkio

Does anybody else feel uneasy about this little wooden head?  He looks a little like a toffee apple that has been dipped in chocolate.  That is a promotional image from the Pinokkio musical, taking place in September, so of course, who’s to say that that is the Pinokkio that will be installed into the Fairy Tale Forest? (Fingers crossed that whatever he looks like, he looks a little less creepy than this guy!).

The new attraction will be built between the Red Shoes and Little Red Riding Hood, where ‘In de Noordpool’ currently stands.  This little food shack hasn’t really been used for decades, so it isn’t such a great loss.  Something else that is most likely being turfed out to make way for Pinokkio is this:


Out with the old, in with the new!  Although we do hear that this gentleman is going to be receiving lodgings elsewhere in the park, so he doesn’t have to pack his bags just yet.

From here, we can still wonder, hope and dream about what the 30th fairy tale will be when it arrives.  Maybe the Ugly Duckling?  There are so very many to choose from, but until then, we have Pinokkio to look forward to.

Joris en de Draak hit by Lightning


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We have had a lot of storms over here in the UK over the last couple of days, and it seems that this lovely weather has not been too kind to the Netherlands either; particularly Efteling.  For instance, George and the Dragon has been struck by lightning and is closed for the moment until things can be fixed.  At least it isn’t the dragon that is broken this time ;)

Waiting for his ride to be fixed...

Waiting for his ride to be fixed…


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