At Night in Efteling…


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During the night, the fairy tales continue!  There are a few night-vision videos of Efteling residents running around in the accommodation grounds whilst all the guests are fast asleep.  Not a shock, of course, to see the Sandman awake and busy at night, but apparently the rest of Efteling’s inhabitants don’t need much sleep either.  Here’s a couple below; you can find more on Efteling’s YouTube channel.

Pinokkio Fairy Tale Coming in Spring 2016


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As if anyone needed another reason to go to Efteling, but here’s one regardless.  We’ve mentioned this recently, however now there is more indication of when the new Efteling resident will arrive.  Efteling are opening their 29th Fairy Tale in the Fairy Tale Forest in Spring 2016.  Around €2,000,000 has been allocated for this attraction, and it is the newest since The Emperor’s New Clothes opened in November 2012.

It seemed like a strange choice in one way, because we seem to expect something from the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen in Efteling; in fact, the CEO of Efteling has mentioned that he would like to see an Ugly Duckling fairy tale in the forest.  However, we have faith that Efteling will make a beautiful job of this fairy tale, as they do with everything else!  The only worrying thing is this:Pinokkio

Does anybody else feel uneasy about this little wooden head?  He looks a little like a toffee apple that has been dipped in chocolate.  That is a promotional image from the Pinokkio musical, taking place in September, so of course, who’s to say that that is the Pinokkio that will be installed into the Fairy Tale Forest? (Fingers crossed that whatever he looks like, he looks a little less creepy than this guy!).

The new attraction will be built between the Red Shoes and Little Red Riding Hood, where ‘In de Noordpool’ currently stands.  This little food shack hasn’t really been used for decades, so it isn’t such a great loss.  Something else that is most likely being turfed out to make way for Pinokkio is this:


Out with the old, in with the new!  Although we do hear that this gentleman is going to be receiving lodgings elsewhere in the park, so he doesn’t have to pack his bags just yet.

From here, we can still wonder, hope and dream about what the 30th fairy tale will be when it arrives.  Maybe the Ugly Duckling?  There are so very many to choose from, but until then, we have Pinokkio to look forward to.

Joris en de Draak hit by Lightning


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We have had a lot of storms over here in the UK over the last couple of days, and it seems that this lovely weather has not been too kind to the Netherlands either; particularly Efteling.  For instance, George and the Dragon has been struck by lightning and is closed for the moment until things can be fixed.  At least it isn’t the dragon that is broken this time ;)

Waiting for his ride to be fixed...

Waiting for his ride to be fixed…

Efteling have Updated their Accommodation Pages


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For a long time, the main part of Efteling’s website has looked a lot different from many of the other pages.  Some of the site was updated, the rest was not, for example; the booking accommodation pages were still the same as they had been for years.  Until now!  Those pages have finally caught up with the rest of the site, and they look wonderful.  Aside from looking good, the pages function better, and there is a better explanation of amenities and what is included in the price of your room.  There are also better explanations of what can be expected of each themed room (very important if you’re planning on spending the extra cash to stay in one of these rooms).

Here’s a little look at the new pages:

New site 3 New site 1 New site 2


Things are looking good!  Oh, on the plus side, this is the English Efteling site.  I know, I know, they’re spoiling us!  And another thing that us Efteling geeks might like to get excited about…wait for it…They have made a nice map showing how to get to Efteling from the U.K!  Exciting times!


Efteling are Planning a New Holiday Village


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Speculation on the wonderful world wide web is pointing to Efteling opening a second (nature) park south of the existing park, called The Loonsche Land.  It actually sounds a lot like Bosrijk, as it will be built with a ‘natural look’ in mind, and includes holiday villas and houses on stilts, alongside an actual hotel with 70 rooms.

There will also be a reception building and restaurant.  Other than news of accommodation and a restaurant, there isn’t too much information on this venture at the moment, but hopefully there will be a little more to it than just those things.  Efteling doesn’t usually disappoint, and there’s sure to be some more solid new son!



Efteling Have Done it Again!


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Spoilers a-plenty here, you have been warned!

Baron 1898


Yesterday (01’07’15), Efteling’s newest attraction, Baron 1898 Dive Coaster had its grand opening to the public.  We’ve posted a few updates on the ride already, but finally, we get to see it in all its glory!  First of all, you may want to get yourselves acquainted with the story of the ride, by watching this video (with English subtitles! Hooray!) :

Something else we English-speaking folk have to be happy about here is that parts of the speech in the ride are in English, as well as having English written on screens alongside the story as it is being told.  Thank you Efteling!  After almost 20 years of experiencing Villa Volta and trying to fathom out what was going on in the pre-shows (whilst trying to look like you’re totally into the story), this is an absolute dream.

So aside from the ride, what Efteling is really good at getting right is theming.  Of course, this ride is no different; the theming is wonderful, and like the rest of the park, the ride looks like it could have been standing there for years already, as it fits in so well with its surroundings.

The crowning glory (in our opinion) is the audio animatronic of the Baron.  We did post a photo of him recently, but in the video below we finally get to see him in action.  His movements are so fluid, and he kind of makes Hugo van den Loonsche Duynen from Villa Volta look like a mannequin.  Can you imagine this space in the queue without him?  It would be very bland.

In that video you also get to see the pre-show.  Did we mention there’s a lot more English in this attraction? ;) The queue is great, the projections are amazing, the animatronic is fantastic, but what about the ride?  That’s a hard one to draw a verdict on through a computer screen, but here’s Efteling’s official on-ride video of the coaster itself:

There’s a lot of long stretches of track, but once you’re over the main drop, it seems like an exhilarating ride which we can’t wait to visit!


Video 2 from eftel1ngfan  

Pinokkio Restaurant



Pinokkio restaurant header 1129x311From July 18 the Efteling Theatre restaurant will be transformed into a Pinocchio themed eatery called Constanzo’s Marionette Theater.  The theatre restaurant has seen many themes come and go, but this one sounds like one of the most interesting.  Apparently Constanzo’s puppets provide ‘fun and entertainment’, while his family serve you.  Interesting!  The food on offer is of course, pizza and pasta, and the restaurant is open 17:00-19:00 until August 30th.

The Pinokkio musical starts at the Efteling Theatre on September 9th.

Bosrijk 2.0!


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The new accommodation in Bosrijk is now open for guests!  These buildings hold 12-24 guests, so are perfect for large families or groups.

You can find more information on Efteling’s site here, including plans of the accommodation and contact numbers.

Here’s a little look around the new area, with thanks to Eftelwesley.

A Glimpse of Baron 1898 Animatronic


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You are all aware by now that Efteling are to open their first dive coaster on July 1st.  We all knew that the ride, as per its name, is a dive coaster which sends riders vertically straight down into a hole before bringing you back up again into a normal coaster.  What we didn’t really know, was that the ride is to have its own audio animatronic, in the form of Gustave Hooghmoed, the Baron himself!  In the newest ‘Making of’ video from Efteling, we get a short glimpse of him, and he looks fantastic! Gustave Hooghmoed

You may remember a while back that we were wishing and hoping that Efteling would put an audio animatronic of the Captain into the Flying Dutchman.  Alas, it is not to be, but Baron 1898 certainly hasn’t gone wrong on that count.  It definitely gives more life to the ride and helps tell a story if you have a ‘person’ in there.

The animatronic of the Baron has been created by Garner Holt Productions, an American company who produce a lot of animated figures for Disney theme parks.

In Efteling’s newest video, we also get to see some of the theming that is taking place in and around the ride; the finishing touches that help to tell the story.

We can’t wait to see it!

Efteling Appear in National Geographic


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Efteling have placed a two page spread in the July/August edition of National Geographic magazine (Traveller edition).  What a surprise to see them in there!  Thank you to Ryan for pointing this out on Facebook and taking a photo.  Naturally, a copy had to be bought!  So here’s a scan (which has been pieced together, so excuse any lines that don’t match up!) of the advert.

Nat Geo

Click to read text!

As you can see, it gives a fairly clear view of where Efteling is situated, as well as pointing out ferry routes and airports.  They’re definitely fishing for thrill-seekers judging my the coaster photos at the bottom, however, Sprookjesboom with the little girl on the main picture give a vague idea of the fairy tale theme (which is mentioned in the text).

It would be great to see a full article in the future, taking a better look at the hotel and Bosrijk, and maybe featuring Aquanura.

The Efteling word is spreading!


With thanks to Ryan M.


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