Official Efteling On-Ride Videos


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There are plenty of on-ride videos of different Efteling attractions available on the internet, but now, there are official Efteling ones available!  Obviously these are massive spoilers for anyone who hasn’t visited the park yet, but for the rest of us, they simply help us to get our Efteling fix in HD (actually, the videos are also available in 4K resolution :o )

Here’s a couple of the best ones:


Pagoda Closed for at Least Another Month


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The Pagoda has been having a rough time recently.  A couple of weeks back, a leak was discovered in one of the cylinders that keep it running, obviously not a good thing to happen!  It is now thought that the attraction will be closed for another 4-5 weeks while the part gets replaced.  300


The Pagoda, has had 27 years of going up in the air, so it is understandable that it would require a little rest at some point!

Souvenirs at Efteling


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We’ll admit it, we’re suckers for souvenirs, but only if they’re really nice souvenirs!  We posted recently about Efteling’s web shop no longer delivering to the UK, which made us a little sad.  However, it seems that the online store has reduced its range of stock massively.  The ‘new’ section has items from quite a while ago, and its slim pickings unless you’re after crockery, Sprookjesbos items or Jokie paraphernalia.

Take us back to the days of items like these:


Efteling Clogs!


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…and other typical Dutch souvenirs.  If any of you have visited parts of the Netherlands other than Efteling, such as Amsterdam, you will be familiar with the barrage of clogs, tulips and other Dutch paraphernalia that adorns the souvenir shops.

Did you ever think ‘I wish I could get traditional Dutch souvenirs themed around Efteling’?

Well now you can!

Photo from

Photo from

Clogs, clog money boxes, clog keyrings, pencils wooden tulips, the works!

That’s a lot of clogs.  But we like them; they’re different at least, and they’ll make a really nice present for your Efteling-deprived friends back at home.

The Belgians are Coming!


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Efteling has seen a 25% rise in Belgian visitors than there were in the same period last year.  That’s a lot of Belgians!

They also claim that there has been a rise in the number of guests visiting from Germany, France and Britain.  You’re welcome, Efteling!

Apparently the accommodation+park tickets options are just right for us foreign bods.  Shame about the transport from wherever you fly to/sail to.  It would be great to have an Efteling shuttle just like Disney do (oops, did we say the ‘D’ word?!).  Struggling on and off trains and buses with suitcases and kids isn’t ideal!

In other news, if you are residing anywhere outside of the Netherlands or Belgium, don’t try to buy anything from the Efteling webshop, as they won’t ship to your address any more.  Personally, we’ve spent a lot of money with them over the last couple of years when they started shipping to the U.K, so it’s a bit of a shame.  Nevertheless, that’s only a better excuse to visit the park and stock up on Droomvlucht room spray!

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Ice-Cold Treats in Efteling


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Although the weather is very changeable, both the U.K and the Netherlands have so far had a little bit of sunshine!  Of course, when the weather is hot, what better way to cool down than with an ice-cream or an icy drink?

In Efteling, there is no shortage of these things!

Just the other day, Efteling posted a photo of their new Chocomel Frappe cart, where you can purchase…well, a frappé!  As is standard in Efteling, the cart is beautiful, and we’re sure the frappés are too!  We are left wishing for a Fristi cart of the same nature now ;)

Can someone send us one over?

Can someone send us one over?

Back on July 31st (we’re a bit late to the party on this one) a Magnum pop-up shop appeared in the park, where you can create your own Magnum.Magnum  We’ll spare you the photos of the ice creams because they’re too delicious-looking, but the store is there until August 10th, so make sure to pop in and create your own Magnum.  You get a choice of all kinds of toppings and sauces; it’s pretty magical :)


A pot of happiness!

A pot of happiness!

Also, don’t forget the happiness stations!  There are two in the park, one at Polle’s Keuken and one at het Witte Paard.  You can create your own little pot of happiness here, with ingredients such as a range of different fruits and sweet treats, all swirled together with Wall’s ice cream.  Yummy!

Of course, there are many more cool snacks available at Efteling!

At den Suykerbuyk you can grab yourself an oubliehoorn, which is absolutely delicious!  There is a wide range of ice cream to choose from, and lots of choice of different fruits to go inside your over-sized ice cream cone.SAM_0157And how about popping into Polle’s Keuken for a cold treat?  It’s not all pancakes pancakes pancakes in there!  Oh no.  They have ice cream too!  Perfect if the heat is getting too much and you need some well-earned air-conditioning.  It’s only polite to buy some ice cream whilst in there…

ijs1We could probably carry on talking about the many wonderful cold treats you can find in Efteling, but I’m sure those few are enough for any Efteling visitor to handle in one go ;)  Bon appétit!


Where’s the Captain?


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Here’s a random thought for the day.

As much as we love the Flying Dutchman, we do think that it could have a little ‘more’ to it.  It has a beautiful exterior and fits in so well with everything else around it.  Once inside, even the queue is wonderfully themed, particularly the boarding area.  However, aside from the ship front at the start of the ride, there simply isn’t much in there to look at.  Of course, at heart it is a coaster, but what with all the theming on the outside and all the way along the line, you’d think they’d carry that on once inside the actual ride.  Ok so we’re not asking for a whole re-telling of the story of the Flying Dutchman in the actual ride (we’re told that whilst waiting in line) but it would be nice to have more of a ‘wow’ moment while you sit in your little boat in the darkness; as unfortunately, a mist projection just doesn’t really cut it.


What we would LOVE to see is an audio animatronic of the Captain himself.  He could stand at one side and say something dramatic to the people in the boat, do some impressive lifelike movements, and then we’d be on our way outside down the drop.  We think he’d look great in his fancy uniform with his long flowing hair!  After all, he is the star of the show.

What with all the new attractions Efteling has had in recent years as well as the extension of Bosrijk which is currently ongoing, it would be great to see some little additions to enhance our favourite rides even more.

If anyone has been to any of Disney’s theme parks, think of something along the lines of the auctioneer in Pirates of the Caribbean.  How cool would it be to have the ‘real’ Captain inside the ride?  Here’s the POTC auctioneer:

Maybe one day our dream will come true ;)


A Little of This and That…


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Updates have been a little slow lately, apologies!

Of course, life in Efteling goes on, and the Negen Pleinen Festijn is in now in full swing.  As mentioned in a previous update, much of the entertainment is the same as last year, with a couple of new additions.  Here are all the colourful characters getting ready for a night of entertainment:

And here’s one of the new shows which you can enjoy outside of the Droomvlucht at Ton van de Ven Plein:


In other news, Breda will be playing host to Redhead Day 2014 from Friday 5th-Sunday 7th September (more like Redhead weekend!).  To announce the event’s theme which is ‘Wonderland’, 50 redheads from across the Netherlands met at Efteling to compete against each other on Joris en de Draak.  Which resulted in this interesting photo:

That’s a lot of redheads! And thanks to Megan Mawer for the info on this interesting event :)

And last of all, Aquanura in the morning?!

Yes, Efteling are promoting their evening shows of Aquanura by putting on a small show throughout the morning until about 12 noon.  It has its own melody, and at the end the audience are told about Aquanura and when they can see it.  Quite a nice way to wake the park up on a morning!


With thanks to Jeroen Twee and EftelWesley





The Flying Dutchman, in the Flesh


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This weekend, visitors to Efteling may have noticed a very lifelike addition to the scenery outside the Flying Dutchman.  I wonder if anyone tried to make him sneeze…


Image from Efteling.

Maybe someone could spray him with some lacquer and leave him there, he looks pretty cool!


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