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Pinokkio restaurant header 1129x311From July 18 the Efteling Theatre restaurant will be transformed into a Pinocchio themed eatery called Constanzo’s Marionette Theater .  The theatre restaurant has seen many themes come and go, but this one sounds like one of the most interesting.  Apparently Constanzo’s puppets provide ‘fun and entertainment’, while his family serve you.  Interesting!  The food on offer is of course, pizza and pasta, and the restaurant is open 17:00-19:00 until August 30th.

The Pinokkio musical starts at the Efteling Theatre on September 9th.

Bosrijk 2.0!


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The new accommodation in Bosrijk is now open for guests!  These buildings hold 12-24 guests, so are perfect for large families or groups.

You can find more information on Efteling’s site here, including plans of the accommodation and contact numbers.

Here’s a little look around the new area, with thanks to Eftelwesley.

A Glimpse of Baron 1898 Animatronic


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You are all aware by now that Efteling are to open their first dive coaster on July 1st.  We all knew that the ride, as per its name, is a dive coaster which sends riders vertically straight down into a hole before bringing you back up again into a normal coaster.  What we didn’t really know, was that the ride is to have its own audio animatronic, in the form of Gustave Hooghmoed, the Baron himself!  In the newest ‘Making of’ video from Efteling, we get a short glimpse of him, and he looks fantastic! Gustave Hooghmoed

You may remember a while back that we were wishing and hoping that Efteling would put an audio animatronic of the Captain into the Flying Dutchman.  Alas, it is not to be, but Baron 1898 certainly hasn’t gone wrong on that count.  It definitely gives more life to the ride and helps tell a story if you have a ‘person’ in there.

The animatronic of the Baron has been created by Garner Holt Productions, an American company who produce a lot of animated figures for Disney theme parks.

In Efteling’s newest video, we also get to see some of the theming that is taking place in and around the ride; the finishing touches that help to tell the story.

We can’t wait to see it!

Efteling Appear in National Geographic


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Efteling have placed a two page spread in the July/August edition of National Geographic magazine (Traveller edition).  What a surprise to see them in there!  Thank you to Ryan for pointing this out on Facebook and taking a photo.  Naturally, a copy had to be bought!  So here’s a scan (which has been pieced together, so excuse any lines that don’t match up!) of the advert.

Nat Geo

Click to read text!

As you can see, it gives a fairly clear view of where Efteling is situated, as well as pointing out ferry routes and airports.  They’re definitely fishing for thrill-seekers judging my the coaster photos at the bottom, however, Sprookjesboom with the little girl on the main picture give a vague idea of the fairy tale theme (which is mentioned in the text).

It would be great to see a full article in the future, taking a better look at the hotel and Bosrijk, and maybe featuring Aquanura.

The Efteling word is spreading!


With thanks to Ryan M.

10 Things Not to be Missed in Efteling…In English!


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Thank you Efteling!

Now the English-speaking visitors to Efteling can get an idea of the top attractions in the park, without having to decipher Dutch.  The video can also be viewed in German and French.  Très bien!

Baron 1898 Music Makes Appearance


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Baron 1898

We’ve been waiting a while, calmly, patiently, to hear the music that accompanies the new Dive Coaster Baron 1898.  Well, in episode 8 of ‘The Making of Baron 1898′, we finally get to hear an excerpt from the ride’s music.  Written by René Merkelbach, who also wrote the music for George and the Dragon and the Flying Dutchman, the score is inspired by the brass bands of the mining era.

Bring out the orchestra!

The Brussels Philharmonic recorded the music, and as expected (because obviously we Efteling-lovers have high musical standards now ;) ) it sounds great!  The video only shows a small portion of the final music, but it sounds dramatic and upbeat, a little like Joris en de Draak, and it fits perfectly with Efteling’s back catalogue of attraction music.

New Fairy Tale Coming in 2016!


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Next year we will see the addition of a new fairy tale to Efteling’s fairy tale forest… Pinocchio!  The Efteling Theatre’s newest production also happens to be Pinocchio, showing later this year.  The new fairy tale will be placed between the Red Shoes and Little Red Riding Hood, where an old food counter stands which hasn’t been used for some time (In de Noordpool).

We look forward to it!

Efteling Struggles to Expand


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A little while ago we talked about how Efteling are wanting to expand their park Eastwards, on the side of the Efteling Hotel.  This would mean doing away with the road that runs between the park and the Hotel, which residents of the area are not happy about.  With that road gone, it would mean a much longer path around the outside would have to be taken.

Through Road

Through Road

Efteling, however, have had interest from Russia and the Middle East who want to invest in the theme park.  This is why Efteling are stressing the importance of their expansion plans to the residents of Loon op Zand; if they can’t expand, they will eventually struggle to turn down offers from outside investors.  Ideally the park is planning to welcome 5 million visitors in 2020, and are targeting neighbouring countries Germany and France to gather this number of guests.  Efteling have also mentioned building another hotel alongside their existing hotel and holiday village Bosrijk, to allow all these extra visitors to stay at the park for longer.  In addition, they have acquired the Rabobank building across the street which is believed to be planned to be used as offices.

Efteling are still in talks with the local community to try to come to an arrangement that everyone is happy with.

Efteling Fairy Tale Forest Article on Micechat


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We’ve done it again!  Another article of ours has been published on Micechat.  It is the first of two parts, talking about the Fairy Tale Forest.

Click here to take a look.

Test Runs of Baron 1898


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A few videos have appeared online of Efteling’s test runs of their new dive coaster, Baron 1898.

It is thought that the coaster will open in July, to coincide with the Summer.  Those of you familiar with a similar coaster at Alton Towers called Oblivion will notice that the cars on Baron 1898 do not take a brief pause at the highest point on the ride.  Possibly it will stay like this when it opens, or maybe it will also make a brief stop at the top.  Either way, what goes up must come down, so there’s not much need to delay the inevitable ;)

Video by


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