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Starting, I believe, this weekend, Efteling are testing a new system at their busiest attraction, and that is boarding passes.  You’ll need a boarding pass to ride Symbolica, up until 4pm, then you can queue as normal.  It is promised on one of the flyers they’ve been handing out, that having a pass means you will wait no longer than 15 minutes to ride.  That’s pretty cool considering that the wait for this attraction is horrendously long most of the time.  However, a lot of people on Facebook have commented that this system is too regimented, and means that instead of relaxing in the park, you have to be checking your watch all the time to see when your pass time rolls around.  You can get a pass from machines at Symbolica, or on the Efteling app.

I understand that, but I’m also one of the folks who wouldn’t stand 90 minutes or more to experience this attraction!  Speaking of which, it seems that the single rider line is still functioning without a boarding pass ( I recommend single rider if you don’t mind sitting with a bunch of strangers!).

These passes are just being trialled for now, but they could be proved to be very helpful, as nobody likes wasting precious Efteling time standing in an excessively long line!  The only negative outcome here would be if Efteling decide to do this with other attractions in the park, although no other attraction has a line quite as long as this one at the moment!

We’ll see how it goes!