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As if anyone needed another reason to go to Efteling, but here’s one regardless.  We’ve mentioned this recently, however now there is more indication of when the new Efteling resident will arrive.  Efteling are opening their 29th Fairy Tale in the Fairy Tale Forest in Spring 2016.  Around €2,000,000 has been allocated for this attraction, and it is the newest since The Emperor’s New Clothes opened in November 2012.

It seemed like a strange choice in one way, because we seem to expect something from the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen in Efteling; in fact, the CEO of Efteling has mentioned that he would like to see an Ugly Duckling fairy tale in the forest.  However, we have faith that Efteling will make a beautiful job of this fairy tale, as they do with everything else!  The only worrying thing is this:Pinokkio

Does anybody else feel uneasy about this little wooden head?  He looks a little like a toffee apple that has been dipped in chocolate.  That is a promotional image from the Pinokkio musical, taking place in September, so of course, who’s to say that that is the Pinokkio that will be installed into the Fairy Tale Forest? (Fingers crossed that whatever he looks like, he looks a little less creepy than this guy!).

The new attraction will be built between the Red Shoes and Little Red Riding Hood, where ‘In de Noordpool’ currently stands.  This little food shack hasn’t really been used for decades, so it isn’t such a great loss.  Something else that is most likely being turfed out to make way for Pinokkio is this:


Out with the old, in with the new!  Although we do hear that this gentleman is going to be receiving lodgings elsewhere in the park, so he doesn’t have to pack his bags just yet.

From here, we can still wonder, hope and dream about what the 30th fairy tale will be when it arrives.  Maybe the Ugly Duckling?  There are so very many to choose from, but until then, we have Pinokkio to look forward to.