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You are all aware by now that Efteling are to open their first dive coaster on July 1st.  We all knew that the ride, as per its name, is a dive coaster which sends riders vertically straight down into a hole before bringing you back up again into a normal coaster.  What we didn’t really know, was that the ride is to have its own audio animatronic, in the form of Gustave Hooghmoed, the Baron himself!  In the newest ‘Making of’ video from Efteling, we get a short glimpse of him, and he looks fantastic! Gustave Hooghmoed

You may remember a while back that we were wishing and hoping that Efteling would put an audio animatronic of the Captain into the Flying Dutchman.  Alas, it is not to be, but Baron 1898 certainly hasn’t gone wrong on that count.  It definitely gives more life to the ride and helps tell a story if you have a ‘person’ in there.

The animatronic of the Baron has been created by Garner Holt Productions, an American company who produce a lot of animated figures for Disney theme parks.

In Efteling’s newest video, we also get to see some of the theming that is taking place in and around the ride; the finishing touches that help to tell the story.

We can’t wait to see it!