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Baron 1898

We’ve been waiting a while, calmly, patiently, to hear the music that accompanies the new Dive Coaster Baron 1898.  Well, in episode 8 of ‘The Making of Baron 1898’, we finally get to hear an excerpt from the ride’s music.  Written by René Merkelbach, who also wrote the music for George and the Dragon and the Flying Dutchman, the score is inspired by the brass bands of the mining era.

Bring out the orchestra!

The Brussels Philharmonic recorded the music, and as expected (because obviously we Efteling-lovers have high musical standards now 😉 ) it sounds great!  The video only shows a small portion of the final music, but it sounds dramatic and upbeat, a little like Joris en de Draak, and it fits perfectly with Efteling’s back catalogue of attraction music.