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We were recently sent an Efteling-related poem by Simon Mack.  It is all about a day out to Efteling 🙂


‘Park of Wonders’

Our family merry travelled to gentle lands of the low

Our father told us stories of place known long ago

As a child he had gone there and had splendid times

And now it was our turn in his footsteps to climb.


Night’s dream filled with stories of a land of great wonders

Our hearts lifted lightly and no man could down plunder

We’d follow the routes we had heard in Dad’s stories

And descend from imagination unto realities glory.


The gateway to adventure rose high in spring skies

Thatched spires of Dad’s fond tales now real to our eyes

We’d waited for this day since we were so small

At last now upon us we’d have quite a ball.


A fine ornate pathway winding onward toward fun

No sleep at all last night this moments loop on re-run

A forest route’s meander our first new encounter

Enchantment of stories amidst carpets of flowers.


This wood filled with jewels from olden fairy tales

Red Riding hood Sleeping beauty and much more in detail

Tom Thumb and the Giant asleep in his boots

Rapunzel’s high tower her hair down to its roots.

The forest of stories gave way to a square

Through shimmer of sunlight a palace stood there

A tune of old fairgrounds came out from the door

An olden classic carousel our ride we adored.


A jaunty trot onward to a towering bird

Dark ride on a coaster wild screams could be heard

A visit to Jokie and his wide global journey

A carnival of adventure from the arctic to Germany.


High up on Pagoda a view that went on forever

A drive in vintage cars we might have dreamed never

A vast swing of high reaches on ship swirling wild

In our father’s happy gaze memories of a child.


Flying Dutchman a ghost ship on dark water’s ride

Watery climb skyward into daylight rapid glide

A trip on the Python double loop and corkscrew

We whoop in abandon round and round we fast flew.


All that fun made us hungry local snacks to embrace

Kroket and Frites so yummy not a morsel went waste

A trek to the Alpine on a four man Bob slide

Hurtling down smiling Dad our trusted guide.


A jaunt to the Far East the sights sounds and smells

A voyage through the Orient a White wizard casts spells

A perfumed aroma pierced through darkened scenes

Sailing past a Bazaar and the Sultan’s fine harem.


A mist of macabre wafted around castle

In darkness we enter among screams of a rascal

Dim lights scary noises spooky is this place

A ghostly rendition of night’s Black embrace.


Back in the deep forest lofty castle slept a beauty

We Passed Rumpelstiltskin ‘Hoopla!’ his main duty

Dad joyous to show us our next new encounter

A mystical Villa and tales of thieves’ devour.


In a spin we departed astounded by our tour

Before us floral entry where dreams realm long endured

A flight in gentle Worlds castles fairies and trolls

Past palaces space bound and flower pastures colours bold.


Our flight through dreams wonder a whimsical pleasure

Memories of adventures we’d forever treasure

Our Dad said to hurry we made reservation

To dine beside live show was our next invitation.


We ate feast fine handsome fit for best of Kings

Followed by live drama of birds horses and Dragon winged

The idyllic evening beauty of this place quite sublime

Our hearts and this wonderland forever be entwined.


We made our way weary toward spires of dreams end

Our Dad said just one detour if your legs will slow lend

A rest on a kind bench by lake in soft light’s reflect

Just there leap of water that we did not expect!


A regal presentation of watery splendour

Glowing lights water fountains amid music calm tender

Shooting high skyward a feast for the eyes

A water spectacular our final day’s prize.


Arms round us our father asked if we’d had fun

Our day of his memories and much more we had done

We’d dreamed of this visit from beyond our recall

A day in this fine place far surpassed sleep’s enthrall.


Mum took us inside spires to find a small token

A keepsake to look at and recall joy’s emotion

So tired in elation we left for the night

Dad beckoned us over to hotel in moonlight.


4 spires that loomed friendly in bright coloured lights

Inside our room fashioned from our day’s tempting sights

Wonderment continued until our deep sleep

Dad covered us over and took a quick peek.


And right there before him two kids slept with smiles

As wide as the ocean as broad as crocodiles

He wondered what we’d do when he told in the morning

Another day in wonderland was upon us now dawning!


Simon Mack ©2014