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Efteling recently shared the news that next year they would unveil a new coaster.  Since then, several Efteling fan sites have reported that the new coaster will be themed around a Dutch coal mine.  It is also believed that it will be located behind the Flying Dutchman.

More information will undoubtedly emerge in the coming months.  After all, the ride is said to be ready for next year, and there is much work to be done!

Oh, and as a side note, when we brought you the news of the new coaster initially, we did read that the drop was going to be 37ft high, so that’s what we posted too.  What it really is, is 37 METRES, of course!  So about a 120ft drop.  That’s slightly more hair-raising!  In comparison, Oblivion at Alton Towers which is the same type of ride, has a 65ft drop.  That’s quite a difference between the two.

It’s starting to sound more exciting 😀

We’ll have some more news when it surfaces.