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We noticed this a while back now, and believe that it is mentioned on Eftelist too, but if you have not noticed this before, it is rather amusing!  As you enter the Snow  White building, there is a painting on the wall of Snow White and her Prince on his horse.  Whoever painted this clearly took a departure from the original story where the princess supposedly had ‘skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and with hair as black as ebony’.  SAM_0332

This Snow White has brownish hair, a tan, and lips that are…lip coloured.  The Prince looks, shall we say ‘disturbed’ at the creature he has sitting on his horse; possibly because she looks a bit like a man in drag!  And it isn’t just her face and hair that are questionable; she also has a peculiar looking hand…

Thankfully, the figure of Snow in her glass coffin is more in-keeping with the story, as she has the right hair colour etc and looks rather feminine.  This painting, however, puzzles us!