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Today was the day!  A statue to commemorate the brothers Grimm was unveiled by Little Red Riding Hood in Efteling.  We believe it to be situated near the other statues, next to the Chinese Nightingale building.  Last December marked 200 years of Grimm fairy tales, and with 15 of the 28 fairy tales in the forest at Efteling being Grimm stories, it is of course a perfect choice to have the statue there!  The photo comes from Efteling’s Facebook page, but we hope to see some better photos popping up in the near future.

Photo from Efteling's Facebook Page

Photo from Efteling’s Facebook Page

In other news, pancakes!  If you come here often, you will know how much we love to talk about pancakes, and today is one of those days.  Apparently yesterday marked the birth of the 200,000th pancake at Polle’s Keuken.  Now, that does seem to be an awful lot of pancakes, but don’t shoot the messenger; n fact, that works out to almost 548 pancakes a day…Looks like we aren’t the only ones who love a good pancake after all!  Thinking about visiting Polle’s Keuken?  Take a look at the menu below, just give it a click!

The Menu.  Click for a closer look!

The Menu. Click for a closer look!