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I came across this video and thought that it needed to be shared.

Anyone familiar with Efteling will know that this song is used on the ride of the same name.

If you don’t speak French, here’s a translation of the lyrics (albeit a bit of a rough one):

Seeing him out of his truck
Chase the butterflies of Africa
The cannibals, calling him a spy
The stopped unceremoniously on
He tried to talk English
Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
But seeing their jaws
Which opened
He screamed with fright

Oh, Mr. Cannibal
I do not wanna die
Mr. Cannibal
Let me go

He showed them his lighter, his pen
His watch and photos of his wife
They sang an air from Gounod
Adamo’s songs, no nothing!
He showed them the Paris newspapers
Nobody reacts, either
Desperate he left journals
Filled with naked girls, and said:


When the great chief saw these reviews
He saw all these naked girls, he laughs!
But in his mind a strange idea
A crazy idea arises
In a case where his harem
He dragged himself the guy
Seeing women who throw themselves upon him
With such appetite, shouted:


For eight days he remained shut
And had to share, in vain
And as already it was not very big
He lost twenty pounds, at least
The moment arrived when the great leader
Explained to him by gesture, Go!
Take your truck and go home
The poor man cried: Never!

Mr. Cannibal, I don’t want more from
Mr. Cannibal, I would rather die!


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