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Whilst I was browsing through Twitter last night, I saw that Eftelist had posted a photo of Hugo van den Loon­sche Duy­nen, which at first I thought was a photoshop job that just looked really believable!  Of course, some things get lost in translation around here, as I speak exactly no Dutch, and translators aren’t too reliable.    Looking again this morning, I realise that he has finally got a new mask.

I say ‘finally’ because if anyone had seen him in recent times, they would have noticed that he was looking a little worse for wear, and was in dire need of a new ‘face’.  So, here he is:Here is a video of him in action, from Eftelist.

And here he was before:I think we can all agree that he is looking a lot nicer now than previously!  I understand that he also has new hands, though I’m not certain on that one.

Thank you Efteling!