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Over the years, the choice of food and drink at Efteling has grown, and over the last few years in particular, there has been a noticeable improvement in the quality and variety of the food.

In the Adventure Realm: 

Flierefluiter serves sweet snacks. (Food counter)

De Meermin serves fish specialties, and you may hear some jolly sailors singing over loudspeakers as you eat. (Seating)


De Kombuys serves ice cream and other sweet snacks. (Seating)

The main eating place in this realm is Station de Oust, a train station which doubles as a food court.  In here they serve kebabs, Turkish Pizza, French fries, filled rolls, and sweet snacks as well as coffee.  They also have a set of ‘food in the wall’ machines.  (Seating)

In the Travel Realm:

Toko Pagode serves Oriental specialities. (Seating)

‘t Korfje serves sweets and ice cream. (Food counter)

For a sit-down meal here, you will need to visit Welkom or De Globetrotter.  These two restaurants are joined together, and are located to the right of Vogelrok.  Welkom serves cakes as well as hot and cold dishes, and De Globetrotter serves hot and cold dishes as well as cakes.  Yes, they do sound alike!  The main difference between the two is that Welkom is table service, and De Globetrotter is self-service.

Rondje van de Molen is attached to the back of Polle’s Keuken, and sells lovely warm doughnuts. (Food counter)

In the Alternative Realm:

Casa Caracol serves wraps, panini, and ice cream, as well as a very nice non-alcoholic mojito! (Seating)SAM_2269

De Witte Walvis backs onto the Spookslot building, and serves filled rolls, ice cream and sweets as well as drinks. (Food counter)

Het Seylend Fregat is dedicated to candy floss and popcorn. (Food counter)

De Steenbok serves fries and is also home to ‘food in the wall’. (Seating)

Burger Backerij is the place for…well…burgers! (Seating)

De Hollandsche Gebakkraam is a Dutch doughnut stall. (Food counter)

Oase is located to the right of Fata Morgana, and serves kebab and soft ice cream (not in the same wrap!) (Seating)

For a nice sit down meal in a wonderful atmosphere, try restaurant Octopus.  The restaurant is located at the exit of Pandadroom, though its main entrance is on Pardoes Promenade.  The food is self-service, and they serve panini, pasta, soup, filled rolls and cakes, as well as a good selection of drinks.  It is rather dark inside to fit the theming of the show, and gives the impression of being underwater (with jellyfish serving as large hanging lights).  We personally recommend this one!

In the Fairy Realm:

Kleyne Klaroen serves mainly cakes. (Food counter)

Carrousel Paleis has a bar serving drinks. (Seating)

Den Gulden Gaarde serves panini, sandwiches and (lots of) cake, and is located at the exit of the Dream Flight. (Seating)

In den Hoorn des Overvloeds serves ice cram and cakes. (Food counter)


Happiness Station, owned by Wall’s ice cream, or ‘Ola’, serves ice cream of course!  You choose strawberry or vanilla, choose a few toppings and a sauce, and it all gets swirled together, tasty! (Seating)

Grootmoeders Keuken serves meatball rolls, satay chicken and various other hot sandwiches.  Something a little bit different, and very tasty, especially during Winter Efteling. (Food counter)

Gelaarsde Kat serves sweet snacks. (Food counter)

‘t Poffertje serves mini pancakes, as well as profiteroles. (Seating)

Wafelsalon den Suykerbuyk serves waffles and ice cream.  Try the Oubliehoorn!  Ice cream with fruit in a huge ice cream cone. (Seating)

Smulpaap serves lovely fries and mayonnaise, as well as other snacks.  Believe me, this is the good stuff! (Seating)

Het Wapen van Raveleijn is a sit down meal, which is listed on the map as waiter service, however you pretty much go for the food yourself, with the indication of your waiter.  If you wish to eat here you have to make a reservation.  You can reserve for both Lunch and Dinner.  Get there a little early and you get a great view of the Raveleijn show.

Het Witte Paard is much like the Octopus in terms of the self-service and food.  Although the food is different here, serving large dinners with meat and veg as well as various other hot meals, as well as filled rolls and lots of nice cakes.  They also have an overwhelming choice of hot and cold drinks, as well as lots of fruit.  This is a very large eatery and is located near the entrance to St. Nicolaasplaets, not far from the Laaf village.  There is indoor and outdoor seating, and the Happiness Station (mentioned above) is tagged onto the side of the building.  Recommended!


Restaurant Applaus can be found on the right side of the Efteling Theater.  Here, the restaurant is never the same!  From an Oriental buffet, to a Sprookjesboom themed restaurant, to a Pinocchio themed meal with a puppet show, there is always something new to see here.  Multiple visits are a must!  The restaurant changes mainly depend on what is showing at the Efteling Theater at the time.SAM_2484  Polle’s Keuken is located on the corner of Pardoes Promenade, you can’t miss it.  Here, pancakes and cakes are served.  The theming is fantastic, and the oven in the middle of the restaurant is, shall we say, very interesting!  Click here for loads more info and photos.SAM_2043

6 thoughts on “Food and Drink”

  1. When we last visited Efteling in 2007 we were celebrating our 25th Wedding anniversary and happened to mention this in passing to the chef in the Octopus restaurant as we waited for him to toast our panninis just as the park was closing for the evening. He asked where we were staying and we didn’t give it another thought as we returned to the hotel. When we arrived in our room there on the side was a bottle of Efteling Wine and a bar of chocolate with a picture of the hotel on it and a note of congratulations from Team Efteling on our Anniversary. That lovely chef had telephoned the hotel and told them about our celebration.

  2. Any idea of food costs in the various restaurants please?

    • Hi Tracy thanks for stopping by! I know the very place to link you to. My friend Milena has an Efteling site with fairly recent food prices listed, here. If you search our site for ‘polle menu’, you’ll find the actual menu for Polle’s Keuken too. I hope that helps!

      • We are thinking about visiting next summer with the whole family and will be staying in a woodland house. Is there a supermarket in site?

      • There isn’t a supermarket as such but they do sell things like cereal, bread, milk, juice etc at Bosrijk. There’s a supermarket not far away on foot, and there are directions written in a folder in the rooms at Bosrijk on how to get there.

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