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Here’s a random thought for the day.

As much as we love the Flying Dutchman, we do think that it could have a little ‘more’ to it.  It has a beautiful exterior and fits in so well with everything else around it.  Once inside, even the queue is wonderfully themed, particularly the boarding area.  However, aside from the ship front at the start of the ride, there simply isn’t much in there to look at.  Of course, at heart it is a coaster, but what with all the theming on the outside and all the way along the line, you’d think they’d carry that on once inside the actual ride.  Ok so we’re not asking for a whole re-telling of the story of the Flying Dutchman in the actual ride (we’re told that whilst waiting in line) but it would be nice to have more of a ‘wow’ moment while you sit in your little boat in the darkness; as unfortunately, a mist projection just doesn’t really cut it.


What we would LOVE to see is an audio animatronic of the Captain himself.  He could stand at one side and say something dramatic to the people in the boat, do some impressive lifelike movements, and then we’d be on our way outside down the drop.  We think he’d look great in his fancy uniform with his long flowing hair!  After all, he is the star of the show.

What with all the new attractions Efteling has had in recent years as well as the extension of Bosrijk which is currently ongoing, it would be great to see some little additions to enhance our favourite rides even more.

If anyone has been to any of Disney’s theme parks, think of something along the lines of the auctioneer in Pirates of the Caribbean.  How cool would it be to have the ‘real’ Captain inside the ride?  Here’s the POTC auctioneer:

Maybe one day our dream will come true 😉