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TrollenkoningHe was under wraps for a little while, but the Troll King has seen the light again!  His makeover has really brought him back to life, and it’s not just about the new mask he’s been given.  His movements seem a lot more fluid, and are those a new set of hands?!  His hair and beard are also very bushy now and less ‘old’ looking.  His eyes seem a lot more realistic too, he’s certainly not dead behind the eyes like he was…it’s like he’s really thinking about things, Kingly things, perhaps.

We’re also pretty sure he’s looking down his nose at everyone when the curtains open and close, but maybe that’s just the angle of the video!

With many thanks to Eftelwesley for the use of photo and video of the new King!

Just for comparison, here’s our video of the Troll King as he was previously.